Pets Health ID Card

Pets Health ID Card (PHI)

Best weapon to build up connectionwith client

  • Drive more Visits and services
  • increase staff efficiency
  • Improving communication and patient outcomes
  • Extend the connection after treatment- Pet Health Cards support reinforce the value of your service and improve compliance for better patient care.

Pets ID Card can provides you with following:

  • Proff of Vaccination.
  • Rabies Tag and Microchip numbers.
  • Hosipital contact information.
  • Client and Patient information.
  • Emergency Medial record of your pets.
  • Pet Insurance Information.
  • Reduce mistake with medication or porcedure.

For Client- Tracking your pet medical history, Vaccination report, Allergies alert.

For Clinic- Pets Health ID card can you help you increase client loyalty, increase Client retention. Impress your clients with pet Health ID Card.

What is in the PETS HEALTH ID CARD?

Your Pets Status included:

  • Allergies Alert
  • Breed and color.
  • 6 month -1 year Medical history items
  • Altered State
  • Weight, Sex, and Birthaday
  • Microchip Number
  • Pet Insurance information

Helpful Client Information:

  • Handler/Pets information (address, contact)
  • Clinic Logo
  • Clinic Account Numbers
  • Hospital emergency References
  • Hospital Phone number, Fax, Email information
  • Hosipital Working hours
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)handler aviliable for display
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